Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nearing problems

Add to rule 2.11 “Act of Contrition;

If an Olympian is granted forgiveness by 3 or more other Olympians, e loses the inability (e gained by cheating) to participate in olympic events.

As This rule passes I (The Doctor) is granted forgiveness by all olympians who voted FOR this proposal.



02-01-2007 16:50:55 UTC


The block on competing really makes it unfair now because you basically are out of the loop forever.


02-01-2007 18:55:12 UTC

1) Not a proposal
2) Even if re-posted as a proposal, I agree that such a proposal would be unfair.  (Why did you vote “For”, then, Clucky?)


02-01-2007 18:56:20 UTC

Oh, I misread the rule, so my point #2 doesn’t really make sense.  But this is still not a proposal.