Monday, August 02, 2010

Proposal: No, all of you betrayed ME!

Procedurally Vetoed. - lilomar

Adminned at 02 Aug 2010 18:22:34 UTC

Create a new RED dynastic rule. Name it “The Mole” and give it the following text:

Any citizen who is a member of one of the groups listed in the rule “We are not alone” may list the designations of all other members of said citizen’s group in a story post accusing them of belonging to said group. Those accused may choose to confirm or deny their membership in said group in accordance with rule 2.8.1. If the accusing citizen’s accusations are accurate and exhaustive, then he shall be promoted one clearance level, and each member of said group shall be assigned to a new group, which may or may not be the group they were already in.

Are you sure you want to trust me? Even if I am one of us, I just happen to think the good of us is not as important as the good of me.



08-02-2010 01:46:51 UTC

against Nice idea, but:

Let‘s say you are in a group with five members and know all identities, it would be cleverer to accuse everyone in the common way (using Rule 2.8.1). You will get -20 Treason Points and so you can promote one or even two Clearance Levels. If the accused Citizens try to avoid that they will (most certainly) die.

Where is the advantage of this new mechanism?


08-02-2010 02:08:47 UTC

against This is too much like the current mechanism for accusations.


08-02-2010 02:27:30 UTC



08-02-2010 03:57:44 UTC



08-02-2010 04:13:56 UTC

against per Keba and flurie


08-02-2010 08:29:51 UTC



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08-02-2010 15:29:44 UTC

Um. I obviously didn’t think enough before posting this. Self killed. against


08-03-2010 01:22:08 UTC

procedural veto