Monday, December 01, 2008

Non-Proposal: Verifiablility

Someone with a proposal slot open should post this.

Add a new Rule to the Ruleset.  Call it “Plot Twist Enabler” and give it the following text:

There is a hidden subrule to this Rule, called “Plot Twist”, whose MD5 checksum is “XXXX”.  (For Blognomic purposes, the MD5 implementation at found at shall be considered authoritative.)  The rule’s text shall be held by the Narrator rather than included in the Ruleset; however, it is still considered part of the Ruleset.  On December 26, 2008, the Narrator shall publish the contents of the rule called “Plot Twist” to the Blognomic weblog.

Subrules of this Rule cannot modify the Ruleset.

The Narrator should provide a 32-character hexadecimal string in the comment containing his vote. If he does not, then this proposal does nothing.  If he does, replace XXXX in the new rule with the provided hexadecimal string.

The Narrator shall also generate a valid rule entitled “Plot Twist” with the provided MD5 checksum.


Hello Sailor:

12-09-2008 14:55:14 UTC