Friday, August 10, 2007

Proposal: NPCs!

Timed out. Passes 6-0—- Clucky

Adminned at 13 Aug 2007 06:01:28 UTC

Replace the ‘NPCs’ section with the following text:

Some of the monkeys are not controlled by anyone, but are instead NPCs (Non-player characters). They do not count as monkeys when totaling quorum nor can they vote on proposals. However, they do appear in the GNDT and in the monkey line. Unless otherwise noted, NPCs do not have a section of moves on the wiki page, and may make no in-game actions other than as called for during the Dance. Also unless otherwise noted, when an NPC is added to the gamestate, they are otherwise subject to the rules of any other monkey, such as being put at the end of the monkey line, beginning with a Fairy hammer, and initially possessing 5 bananas. All active NPCs are displayed below:

Then create subsections for each of the following new NPCs:

Curious George:

Curious George begins the game with a ‘Magnet’ type hammer. If eir hammer is ever changed during a Dance, e will revert to a ‘Magnet’ type hammer again at the end of the Dance.

King Kong:

King Kong begins the game with a ‘Shot-Gun’ type hammer. If eir hammer is changed during the course of the Dance, King Kong will revert to a ‘Shot-Gun’ type hammer after the Dance. However, if King Kong ends a Dance at the first position in the Line, e will change eir hammer to a ‘Sledge’ hammer at the end of that Dance. In addition, once in the first position of the Line, so long as in possession of a ‘Sledge’ hammer, e may not be dislodged from that space, except by the use of a ‘Sledge’ or ‘Emo’ hammer by another monkey during a Dance. Any move otherwise attempting to dislodge King Kong at that time will fail.

Miss Bubbles:

If Miss Bubbles is one of the monkeys swapped with the Dance Move ‘Swing n_A to n_B’, the Dance Move ‘Swing n_A to n_B’ will be immediately executed (at no further complexity) with n_A being the new position of Miss Bubbles, and n_B being the next position in the direction e moved, assuming the new Dance Move would otherwise be allowed. For instance, if ‘Swing 4 to 9’ is performed with Miss Bubbles at position 9, then the move ‘Swing 4 to 3’ shall afterwards be immediately performed; whereas if she had been at position 4, then after swapping her to 9, the move ‘Swing 9 to 10’ shall be performed. This extra move will not trigger further Swing Dance Moves.




08-10-2007 19:54:15 UTC

I figure that Curious George needs more work (maybe a new ‘Curious George’ Proposal could be written later modifying eir section), but I was all out of ideas, and wanted to get something started…


08-10-2007 22:40:25 UTC

for they look interesting

Oracular rufio:

08-11-2007 04:06:20 UTC

I like the idea, but this doesn’t really jive with the Hot Potato hammer - someone could permanently get rid of it by hitting Curious George or King Kong with it, since they will change their hammers to their original ones after the dance completes.  Maybe it would be better to explicitly say that if Curious George or King Kong is hit with the Hot Potato hammer, they immediately hit back with it?

In general, though,  for


08-11-2007 12:36:40 UTC

Anyone can change their hammer once a week to a Hot Potato hammer, the way I read the current rules, and there may be more than one in the game. In fact, that hammer could be part of a method of displacing King Kong. I don’t think they’re incompatible, unless I’m misunderstanding how the Hot Potato hammer works.

Of course, if that (or another) hammer became singular/unique, we’d need new rules to cover it, including perhaps disallowing player monkeys from switching eir hammer to/from such a hammer.


08-11-2007 14:21:50 UTC



08-12-2007 04:38:26 UTC



08-12-2007 16:01:13 UTC


I like.

But what happens if King Kong is at the top, and miss bubbles swings 9 to 2. Would the whole move fail or would the swing fail? Not really worth killing the proposal over. a CfJ can be used when and if it happens.


08-12-2007 19:57:53 UTC

My intention was that the extra swing move would be a separate move (which I imagine would be easier to program than otherwise). Thus, the first Swing 9 to 2 would succeed, but King Kong would stop the resulting Swing 2 to 1, so Miss Bubbles would remain at 2, stunned and confused by King Kong’s rejection.

But that’s just my interpretation, and if it’s unclear as written, then I imagine a CfJ would have to suffice.

We can always follow up with a proposed clarification in the Miss Bubbles section, too, if it looks like it’ll be too confusing.