Monday, November 30, 2009


Ok, I tried to fix my error and made things worse, I ended up with two identical proposals. How do I fix this?



11-30-2009 20:16:35 UTC

You self-kill one.


11-30-2009 20:17:52 UTC

Since nobody has commented on the most recent one, I think that you can still legally edit it and change its category from proposal to non-proposal.


12-01-2009 05:18:59 UTC

DC, of course, gives the silly answer, and spike the reasonable one :)


12-01-2009 07:57:38 UTC

I couldn’t edit it. At that point it was too old.


12-01-2009 08:06:34 UTC

If no Apprentice has commented on it, an official post may be altered or removed by its author; otherwise this can only be done as allowed by the Ruleset. The Admin processing an official post is allowed to append to the post to reflect its new status. Anything appended to a post in this way must be placed in the Admin field of the post, and the post’s Status must changed to reflect its status.

A non-official post may not, through editing of the blog or otherwise, be changed into an official post, with the following exception: Whilst a non-official post has been posted for less than five minutes and has no comments, the author may change the categories as they wish.”

Non official posts may only become official within 5 minutes of posting. Official posts, like proposals, may be made non official posts at any time so long as there are no comments on it. At least, that is my interpretation of the ruleset.


12-01-2009 08:09:50 UTC

Official posts may also be deleted if they have no comments, and non-official posts may be deleted at any time, though there are probably good logical reasons not to do so. In general, it is better to leave non-official posts alone unless they were accidentally posted.


12-01-2009 17:21:27 UTC

Thanks. I read that originally as requiring a 5 minute limit either way…

How do I delete a post though? I didn’t see an option in the edit post screen.


12-02-2009 00:06:39 UTC

Deleting is an admin job, and even then its abit of a pain making sure you get it right lol


12-02-2009 00:10:55 UTC

So, I don’t get how I could remove my own post… even if it had no comments.


12-02-2009 02:11:04 UTC

Actually, one can delete their own posts, but its not exactly clean, and somthing that probably hadn’t been done until I joined. So just disregard what I said about deleting.


12-02-2009 02:31:10 UTC

The easy way is to just blank it :)

But the important thing was to remove the proposal label.