Monday, June 18, 2018

Passenger’s Log: Saint Calogerus’ Day

“Sails lowered, the Haniver wandered adrift through open waters.”

With players voting to enact Lord of the Level Loadstone (rendering illegally-submitted Goal lists legal and applying them) but not The Log and Line (which would have rendered everyone’s Goals legal), I can announce that it’s now the case that Derrick had the highest Reckoning when the story ended. Cuddlebeam’s was one or zero, everybody else’s was zero, and Derrick’s was six.

Since Level Loadstone did not attempt to be retroactive, this means (as I read it) that both Cuddlebeam and Derrick are presently considered to have achieved victory at some point during the current dynasty.



18-06-2018 10:26:53 UTC

There’s a piece of the puzzle missing for me:

What did derrick do differently from the other players, causing his Reckoning to be non-zero?

Kevan: City he/him

18-06-2018 10:52:58 UTC

The Loadstone CfJ corrected and applied any Goal lists which included invalid components (eg. duplicates or excessive Worth) at the time of their submission. This would cause those players’ Reckonings to rise from zero.

Anyone who submitted a superficially valid list of Goals (ie. no duplicates and a Worth of 10 or less), but had that request ignored because of the “Abandon Ship” bug, would be unaffected by the Loadstone fix. (The Loadstone CfJ was made before the Abandon Ship bug was pointed out, and was only intended to fix invalid goal lists.)

Lulu: she/her

18-06-2018 12:09:50 UTC

The thing that feels wrong about this is that you’re essentially rewarding the players who incorrectly submitted lists.

Kevan: City he/him

18-06-2018 12:40:18 UTC

It’s an odd outcome, but players did have a full 48 hours to vote on the two CfJs, and the consequence of Loadstone enacting by itself had been pointed out by Cuddlebeam in their idling post.

Lulu: she/her

18-06-2018 12:41:25 UTC

Eh, fair enough.  I guess we’ll have to wait for the DoV now.