Monday, September 26, 2022

Proposal: Pipelined Labouring

Times out Popular, 4-0. -Bucky

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Reword the rule “Stations”, excluding the table of Stations, to:

There exist a number of Stations, which are listed in this rule. Each Station has an instantaneous Effect when triggered.

A Migrant is in a Baron’s Labour Pool if it is in the Baron’s Stockpile, or if it’s in a non-Fully Staffed Infrastructure in that Baron’s Keep that doesn’t contain any Migrants Hostile to that Baron. Up to three Migrants in a Baron’s Labour Pool may be assigned to Stations at a time, and the Baron may assign himself to the Immigration Station as though he were a Migrant in his own Labour Pool (i.e. subject to the limit of 3). Assigned Migrants and Barons cease to be so at the end of the atomic action that assigned them, or immediately if assigned outside any atomic action; therefore, no ongoing assignments need to be tracked.

As a Labour Action, a Baron may Supervise; when a Baron Supervises he may first Assign additional Migrants to Stations (and/or himself to the Immigration station), then trigger the Effect of each Station for each Migrant or Baron assigned to it. Any Resources gained through a Station effect go to the acting Baron’s Personal Resources Stockpile.

The currently-available Stations are as follows:

Change the Effect of the Immigration Station to:

The Baron may choose to gain either an Unsettled Migrant from the Dungeon Stockpile, if one is available, or a new Migrant with a randomly-generated non-NPC Species. They may put that Migrant in one of their Infrastructures.

Reword the effect of the Foreman’s Office to “Manned by Sociability. A Baron who owns this Keep may assign up to two extra Migrants to their Stations at a time.”

Remove the sentence “All Migrants in a Manned Infrastructure are considered to be Working Migrants.” from the rule “Infrastructure”.

In the rule “Infrastructure”, change “A Manned Infrastructure which has Migrants equal to its maximum population is said to be Fully Staffed” to “A Manned Infrastructure which has Migrants equal to its maximum population, none of whom are hostile to the Keep, is said to be Fully Staffed”.


Significant changes:
1) Can recruit Migrants and put them to work in the same Labour Action, including by making them man Infrastructures.
2) Attention is no longer a term, and only exists during the labour action itself. It can be assigned but not unassigned during iterations.
3) “Working” now “Labor Pool” and tightly defined.
4) You can’t put Hostile migrants to work; instead, they prevent anyone in the same Infrastructure from working.
5) Those with fully populated Stockpiles can recruit immigrants directly into Infrastructure instead of overflowing them to the Slums.



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