Friday, April 14, 2017

Proposal: Play to Win the Game

Times out 5-0. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 16 Apr 2017 21:47:55 UTC

In “Recruitment”, at the end of the first paragraph, add

A Full Team is a Manager employing three Bloggers.

Add a new rule, “Gameplay”:

As a daily action, the Commissioner may oversee a Bloggsball game between two Full Teams of the Commissioner’s choice, henceforth referred to as teams A and B.

This Overseeing is an atomic action consisting of the following steps:
* Calculating the Power of each team. A team’s power is the sum of the Levels of the team’s players. Let the power of team A be represented by X and the power of team B be represented by Y.
* Choosing an odd number of rounds for the game between 5 and 25. Traditionally, this is 13.
* Rolling a DICE(X+Y), not necessarily in the GNDT, once for each round. For a given die, if it is less than or equal to X, team A scores a point. Otherwise, team B scores a point. The team that scores more points during the game wins the game.
* Making a post containing the results of the game.

Some basic gameplay. Gives me a lot of individual choice in directing some aspects of it, but one can amend that later to remove my choice.



04-14-2017 19:58:21 UTC

Honestly, I’d prefer not to have all those rolls in the GNDT. If you’d change it to be a method of the commisioners choosing and roll off screen, that’d be appreciated.

Unless you intend to field a team and play with the best of us!


04-14-2017 20:01:03 UTC

Decent point. I figured it would keep me honest to do it in the GNDT - I do intend to field a team, but since I can’t win my own dynasty there’s no reason not to trust me to be legit.


04-14-2017 20:02:29 UTC

Edited “in the GNDT” -> “not necessarily in the GNDT”.


04-14-2017 20:33:07 UTC


Oracular rufio:

04-14-2017 22:06:27 UTC

I don’t know, this gives you a lot of power to determine who wins the most games, since you could just pair very unmatched teams together.  Maybe there should be some limitations to power differential, or a random method of choosing pairs of teams.


04-15-2017 11:32:45 UTC

Too add:

More rounds = higher chance for the higher level team to win because Central Limit Theorem. And given that you can arbitrarily choose the rounds, it kind of give you power to choose who should have an advantage to winning.

Also for because why not lol, I want to see what Pokes does with this.


04-15-2017 12:09:36 UTC

Since I’ll slow down on auctions for now, “Playing time” will restrict which teams can play before two teams have 3 players each to play with, and I’m open to further restrictions on how many rounds, which teams I pick, etc. I wanted to make things my choice just to define the flow but let them be locked down later.


04-15-2017 14:50:38 UTC


Oracular rufio:

04-15-2017 19:13:13 UTC

Ok, that’s fair.  for