Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Please Unidle Crumb

Hi all,
I would like to try my hand as a manager. Please un-idle me.




04-25-2017 05:57:57 UTC

You’ve been added to the sidebar but I can’t seem to get you, or any other player for that matter, to show up in the GNDT, you’ll have to play without that part until someone else can see what’s going on.

Feel free to make proposals or a CfJ that would allow you to have cash and so on. Sorry I can’t be of more use, the person who would know more about what’s going on is idled for now.

Quorum remains 7.


04-25-2017 06:01:22 UTC

Wait quorum is half + 1 so it’s actually 8.


04-25-2017 09:50:00 UTC

@card, I had that issue while adding PSS, eventually I figured out that no matter how much you do to the GNDT configuration, a Manager doesn’t show up until you set any values. I’ve initialized Crumb.


04-25-2017 13:46:54 UTC

Thanks to you both!


04-25-2017 14:04:17 UTC

Should I be able to edit the GNDT at this time? I was trying to update my start/cash. It sounds like it takes its own password.


04-25-2017 14:20:09 UTC

It does take a separate password that was previously assigned. I’ll PM you your password.