Sunday, February 28, 2016

Proposal: Raiders of the Lost Orc

Fails with Quorum against 1-4 -Larrytheturtle

Adminned at 29 Feb 2016 21:46:36 UTC

Add a new rule, entitled “Raids”, with the following text:

An Orc may, as a Periodic Action, either start or join a raid. An Orc may start a raid by making a post with “Raid” in the title, and declaring which Orc they are raiding. An Orc may join a raid against any other Orc that they do not have a Clan Bond with by voting for in a comment on the raid post, subject to all normal rules of voting. A raid is “Ready” if the members of the raid altogether have at least three times as many warriors as the Orc they’re raiding.

If a Raid is Ready, it may be executed. To execute a raid, the player who started the raid claims half of the target’s spoils and divides them among all members of the raid. Each member must be given at least one spoil this way. Each Raid may only be executed once.

Add the following text to the rule “Advancing Time”:

2. All raids that have not been executed are canceled. Canceled raids are never considered to be Ready and cannot be Executed.

Okay, let’s have another try at a combat mechanic. Orcs ganging up on each-other, with the potential for betrayals as well (to a degree at least).



28-02-2016 05:31:08 UTC

for Sure

quirck: he/him

28-02-2016 15:43:45 UTC

Half of spoils is rounded down per appendix.
And what are the normal rules of voting?..

Won’t a target upon seeing a raid simply spend all spoils so that half of the remainder is less than number of raiding orcs?


28-02-2016 19:01:24 UTC

Rounded down is what I expected, and the bit about ‘normal rules of voting’ was mainly to cover any contingencies; in case I missed something with regard to setting up the rules, I figured that the normal voting rules would cover it. It’s probably not actually necessary.

Also, there’s nothing preventing people from coordinating the raid via PMs before posting it; there’s no minimum time between declaring and enacting it, and as such no obligation to allow anyone to react to the raid by spending all their spoils.


28-02-2016 21:37:56 UTC


quirck: he/him

28-02-2016 22:16:59 UTC


RaichuKFM: she/her

29-02-2016 21:13:08 UTC

against Kind of broken?


29-02-2016 21:45:42 UTC

against Just so I can kill this since it doesn’t appear to be about to pass.