Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Call for Judgment: Random numbers change by Default

Quorum 7-0. Enacted by card.

Adminned at 27 Apr 2017 19:53:46 UTC

Remove the two PuP’s with highly boosted stats from Crumb’s roster, and from play.
Restore $1,000,000 to Crumb’s Cash
Restore   $188,000 to Publius Scribonius Scholasticus’s Cash (9778988- 9590988)
Restore $20,000 to Publius Scribonius Scholasticus’s Cash (The Amount of the two Pup’s)
Remove $1,000,000 from Publius Scribonius Scholasticus’s Cash.

This undoes a frankly rediculous reading of the rules where a single dice roll can be left at its original number and used as that result for a large number of moves, which it being specified in the rules. The roll in question is particuarly abusive, as its a 5 on a d100: 10 times better than the average.

I am completely removing the Pup’s from play because it makes cleanup easier: instead of modifying bloggers in complex ways that could be abused, all costs are refunded.



04-25-2017 22:12:40 UTC

Wouldn’t it be better if Publius Scribonius Scholasticus just rolled the necessary d100s for the rolls be made and paid the difference from those and the 5 he used??

Oracular rufio:

04-25-2017 22:14:26 UTC

That sounds like a pain in the ass, honestly.  And you still benefit from abuse of the rules.



04-25-2017 22:30:28 UTC

It’s not a matter of interpretation or ridiculous reading of the rules. You legit have to actually roll dice (each time) when the rules say that you need a dice roll value.


“To roll dice, post DICEX in the comments field of the GNDT, replacing X with the number of sides on the die you wish to roll.”

Ergo, If you haven’t posted a DICEX in the GNDT, you haven’t actually rolled dice, so you couldn’t have completed the operations stated.


04-25-2017 22:34:54 UTC

This is true.  for


04-25-2017 23:02:50 UTC

I’m really torn on this one. PSS might have gotten us good here. I’m explicitly abstaining (unless more votes will speed up quorum)

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-25-2017 23:44:55 UTC

I will abstain from the matter.


04-26-2017 00:07:45 UTC

for By my own reasoning lol, forgot to vote


04-26-2017 04:09:47 UTC

I don’t really know how you think you did that or in that sequence.
Maybe it’s time for combos to make a run again.  for


04-26-2017 15:08:34 UTC

If this passes it also needs to restore my image to None and refund me for the PEDs I used on them. Do I need to open a new CfJ to get that done as well?


04-26-2017 16:21:52 UTC



04-26-2017 16:27:19 UTC

Consensus reality so if everyone is chill with you doing it without a CfJ then np.

Although better just make a CfJ because it should work regardless of the case we’re in lol.


04-26-2017 20:31:52 UTC

for speeding up quorum


04-27-2017 19:00:54 UTC