Friday, November 08, 2013

Call for Judgment: Really?

Quorums 8-2 (DEFs have no effect on CfJs). — Quirck

Adminned at 09 Nov 2013 12:07:00 UTC

In the Rule “Fight the Power” remove the phrase “and is immediately rendered idle”.

It achieves nothing, is an annoyance, and is just an abuse of power in waiting. Posting this as a CfJ because otherwise it’d be vetoed. I think this deserves urgent attention, so posting a CfJ is warranted.


Kevan: he/him

08-11-2013 14:30:28 UTC

against It achieves nothing and would be an abuse of power?

It hasn’t yet been abused, and the current Despot has no reason that I can see to abuse it. It’s not a great rule, but I don’t see that it requires urgent attention.

Josh: he/they

08-11-2013 14:41:58 UTC

against Loyal citizens will never have anything to feel from me or my secret police. They are simply there to ensure that we are not undermined by the spies or our enemies.


08-11-2013 16:32:44 UTC

for I agree; It achieves nothing useful - idling can easily be reversed, and it lets the Despot push through any proposal - but there are better ways to achieve that.


08-11-2013 17:01:12 UTC

for On the basis that I don’t like how raiding someone is usless after they hit 100 power and even if they have 500 power it will only cost 50 to remove it all.

quirck: he/him

08-11-2013 17:02:51 UTC



08-11-2013 17:04:17 UTC


RaichuKFM: she/her

08-11-2013 17:06:11 UTC

What does it achieve other than abusing his power to push through Proposals? All it is is a way to manipulate votes and quorum to his will- The Despot is not an impartial character in this Dynasty, and we shouldn’t be giving him such power. I was wrong when I said it achieves nothing, I see now why Josh wanted to keep it.


08-11-2013 17:06:21 UTC

oh, I just realized it doesn’t acually do what I want. This only gets rid of the idle part not all of exiling. I still support this but would prefer the whole this be gone.

Clucky: he/him

08-11-2013 19:51:00 UTC

for hence why I voted against the original proposal


08-11-2013 19:56:54 UTC



09-11-2013 05:39:52 UTC



09-11-2013 19:33:01 UTC


I, for one, welcome our Benevolent Despotic Overlord :-)