Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Proposal: Rebanked

Quorum Reached. Passes 7-0—Clucky

Adminned at 15 Apr 2020 21:12:15 UTC

Replace the text of the rule “Repayment” with

Each Island has a numeric value of Bells which defaults to 0 and is tracked in the Islands section of the “Archipelago” wiki page

Add a new Dynastic Rule called Spite

Each Player has a positive integer number of Spite which is tracked in the Players section of the “Archipelago” wiki page and defaults to 0. Spite can be spent it the following ways

* A Player may spend 3 Spite to add a new Villagers as outlined in the rule “Villagers”, bypassing the traditional weekly action limit
* A Player may spend 5 Spite and pick any Island. They roll a FRUIT and change the Native Fruit of that Island to the result
* A Player may spend 10 Spite and remove a Villager from the game

Append the following to the last paragraph of “Islands”

If immediately prior to this step the Villager was a Resident of a different Island, the Mayor of that Island gains 1 Spite

Add the follow to the list of Tasks

* Collect: If the Player is the Mayor of the Island the Villager is a Resident of, 10% of the Villager’s Bells (rounded down) are transferred to the Island the Villager is a Resident of.
* Heist: Roll a DICE100 and transfer the resulting number of Bells from the Island which the Villager is a Resident of to the Villager. If the Resulting number is greater than the number of Bells on that Island, instead transfer all of the Bells on that Island to the Villager. If the Player is not the Mayor of the Island the Villager is the Resident of, the Mayor of the Island gains 1 Spite.

For each Player that had any Bells when this proposal was enacted, if they are the Mayor of an Island put that many Bells in their Island.

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