Saturday, November 15, 2008

Proposal: Remember the Milk

Self Killed—arth

Adminned at 14 Nov 2008 21:56:32 UTC

Create a new rule in Rule Section 3 (that is, the Glossary), named “Lists”, which reads:

A “list” is a collection of “list items”, where each list item is composed by one or more words. When a list is defined, it shall be enclosed in curly braces: “{" and "}”, and each list item shall be separated from the previous one with a comma: “,”. The order of the values on a list is considered part of the definition of a list (meaning, it shall not be modified unless the definition of the list is itself modified). A list may be used to specify the valid set of values that an attribute (of any kind) can take. If an attribute defined by a list is “upgraded” it means that the value of the attribute shall be replaced by the value after the current one in the list. If an attribute is “downgraded”, it means that its value is set to the previous one in the list. An attribute defined by a list may not be upgraded or downgraded past the beginning or end of the list.

I am sure this can help us in future dynasties when we choose to go this route again.



15-11-2008 05:32:52 UTC

against .  We do not need a glossary entry for “list”.

arthexis: he/him

15-11-2008 05:56:04 UTC

against S/K Never mind, I just realized this would kinda overwrite the meaning of a dictionary word that has more meanings like this. I might plan in another way when I think about how to do it better…