Friday, December 23, 2011


The game goes into hiatus at midnight tonight, and stays in hiatus until midnight on the 27th, per rule 1.9.

Happy holidays to those celebrating!



23-12-2011 17:48:36 UTC

“Blognomic goes into hiatus every year on December 24th, and remains in hiatus until December 27th. During this time no game actions may be taken except those described in the rules entitled “Votable Matters,” “Gamestate Tracking” and “Call for Judgement”. “

Gamestate Tracking states “Any Driver may update any Driver’s data via the GNDT, whenever the Ruleset permits it.”
Does this mean we can still do our grinding?

Also, if I understand well, Proposals cannot be resolved during the Hiatus, but we can still cast our votes?

Darknight: he/him

25-12-2011 04:57:42 UTC

I think so but i’ve been rather MIA this dynasty to recall. i so blame work for getting into my BN time. prob should idle but meh, i’ll stick around.