Monday, May 30, 2022

Rising Tide

Trigon has become idle after 8 days without voting or posting; quorum becomes 6.

We have still not established what happens to their buildings, I think, and this may now make the Promenading action impossible, which might make Auguring impossible, which may softlock the game.


Kevan: he/him

30-05-2022 07:19:20 UTC

Yes, would agree that this makes Promenading impossible. I’ll put up a CfJ to unlock the game, since active players may want to perform that before the Auguring.


30-05-2022 20:28:56 UTC

Sorry for neglecting my civic duty of voting. I would like to be unidled.

Josh: he/they

30-05-2022 20:52:34 UTC

Welcome back; quorum rises to 7.