Thursday, November 28, 2019

Proposal: Roll Up

Reached quorum 4 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 29 Nov 2019 20:19:27 UTC

In “Memories of Catechesis”, replace “By spending 25 Merit, an Adventurer can Remember a Catechesis by sending a Private Message to the Priest which states what (only one) dynasty they guess a certain Catechesis post’s Correct Dynasty to be.” with:-

If they have not already done so for a particular Catechesis post, an Adventurer can Remember that post by sending a Private Message to the Priest which states what (only one) dynasty they guess that Catechesis post’s Correct Dynasty to be.

These seem fun, but difficult to be confident about, or to know what jokes or tricks are in there. Which is fine, but while there’s an entry fee it’s feeling safer not to play.


The Duke of Waltham:

11-28-2019 20:53:18 UTC

There doesn’t seem to be an in-game benefit to winning here, is there? I think I’ll support.


11-28-2019 21:09:24 UTC

It was previously a double or nothing game. Kevan is proposing you can guess freely, and still get a full 50 merit at end of game if correct.

The Duke of Waltham:

11-28-2019 21:23:22 UTC

Ah, there it is. It doesn’t sound quite fair, this way… No risk at all for a 50 Merit reward? Perhaps the stakes ought to be lowered – say, 10 Merit for a 30 Merit reward.


11-28-2019 21:33:59 UTC

Opportunity cost: you only get one guess. The risk is that you get the answer wrong.


11-28-2019 21:51:13 UTC



11-29-2019 00:21:41 UTC

And at 1/172 I’d say that it’s quite a steep opportunity cost


11-29-2019 03:57:39 UTC

against I wasn’t really on board with this contest, and prefer it not compete with the main game for the spotlight. Le sigh…


11-29-2019 04:48:01 UTC

TyGuy6, think of it as a way to level out how the ruleset or scams changed over the course of this dynasty. I would believe that everyone is on nearly even footing when trying to guess what Cuddlebeam’s interpretations of previous dynasty’s are when only viewing the interpretations through KJB verses.


11-29-2019 05:40:27 UTC

They seem cryptic, certainly.

The Duke of Waltham:

11-29-2019 07:34:44 UTC

They really do… Besides, this game is conducted via PM, so not much of a spotlight here, one might say.  for


11-29-2019 08:43:09 UTC