Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Proposal: Scrutiny of the Bounty [Special Case]

Popular, 10-0. Josh

Adminned at 12 Jan 2023 22:14:15 UTC

Replace the final three paragraphs of “Bounties” with:-

The The Onlooker may post a Bounty Notice, or close an open Bounty Notice, at any time.

If a Bounty Payout action is not defined in the dynastic rules, then the Bounty Payout action is that nothing happens.

If the The Onlooker believes that one or more enacted votable matters satisfy the demand of an open Bounty Notice, then they may apply the Bounty Payout action to each Settler (other than the The Onlooker) who authored at least one of those votable matters and set that Bounty Notice to closed.

Then, if the proposal “Fine, Just ‘Tick’ Then” enacted, replace “The Onlooker” with “Onlooker” in this replaced text.

If the proposal “Bounties Again… Because I like the idea of them…” enacted, then add a paragraph to “Basic Mechanics”:-

The Bounty Payout action is to gain a Brick resource to their Stockpile.

Overdue fix to the Bounty rule so that the reward can be easily defined in free ruletext. I think last time it came up we felt the “increment resource by one” reward wasn’t enough for that particular dynasty, but the framework of Bounties didn’t allow a change to “increment resource by three”. This would allow us to do something more usefully nuanced with it, like “gain the rarest resource in the game” or “gain a random resource you have fewest of”.

Keeping it at a neutral “a Brick” for now, if Bounties Again passes, so as not to rock the boat on a Special Case amendment.


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11-01-2023 16:41:13 UTC


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