Friday, December 07, 2007

Skirmish 3: The Return of Charisma

Notes on the most recent skirmish:

Pharoh Necho gets -2 and +1 to Charisma from his abilities.
Loki gives -2 to Charisma for each of Clucky’s Einherjar; Churchill raises Shakespeare and Hildegard to his level.
Totaling up the Skirmish Ratings, Asgard clearly beats Folkvangr, and aaronwinborn has the highest, with 21 (Bahro 20 Amnistar 12 Clucky 12 Darknight 10, etc.)
There is a tie for lowest Charisma in Asgard (Rasputin and Schulz each have -2), so no one is set to be transferred to Folkvangr.
Lola’s ability does not go off, as Yoda would not benefit.
I have to make a judgment call on whether Siddhartha’s and Nellie’s special attributes trigger (They say that they only have an effect if doing so “would cause [aaronwinborn] to win the Skirmish”, since aaronwinborn is already due to win the skirmish.  I say: no, they don’t trigger.  From context, it is clear that they are meant to help their owners win Skirmishes that they would not otherwise win, and that this is why the “would cause owner to win” clause is worded the way it is.
Lastly, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Norton I of these United States, and Protector of Mexico, causes Bahro to lose 6 Acorns.

For completeness’s sake, let’s look at what would have happened if we entertain the possibility of Siddhartha’s or Nellie’s abilities triggering.
Siddhartha’s ability would cause Emperor Norton and Jeanne to each have their Charisma swapped with their Mysticism.  In particular, this would cause Emperor Norton’s Charisma to become 0, and therefore (by Norton’s ability) would cause all Einherjar (everywhere) to have zero (or less) Charisma.  This would not result in aaronwinborn winning the skirmish, so this ability definitely won’t trigger.
Nellie Bly’s ability would cause her to become Insane, and give her even higher stats.  aaronwinborn still would have won (by a higher margin), and nothing really would be different, except that Nellie Bly would currently be starting her 10 days of faking insanity.



12-07-2007 20:06:37 UTC

(Actually, there was a four-way tie for lowest Charisma:  Loki causes Shakespeare and Hildegard to have Charisma -2, but Churchill only raises this number for the purposes of calculating Skirmish Ratings)