Monday, August 13, 2007

Proposal: Stealing

Self Killed—Clucky

Adminned at 19 Aug 2007 20:04:16 UTC

Add new rule “Stealing” as follows:

No more than once every week any monkey with less than X bananas may steal (where X is the total number of bananas held by all monkeys, divided by the total number of monkeys, rounded up). To steal the monkey either takes one banana from any monkey with more than X bananas or, the monkey takes two bananas from the single monkey with the greatest amount of bananas (If 2 or more monkeys have the same amount of bananas, and no other monkey(s) has more bananas, no single monkey has the greatest amount of bananas).

May need tweaking but just wanted it to it the idea out there.



08-13-2007 21:58:18 UTC

I dunno, I’m not sure if we want to introduce competativeness like that into the monkeys… :P so… imperial


08-14-2007 00:37:25 UTC

against I’d vote for something like this if we had the items though.

Oracular rufio:

08-14-2007 01:50:04 UTC

It should at least have something to do with positions in the line/barrel, like the pickpocket idea for items.



08-14-2007 03:03:45 UTC

This is a nice dynasty.

And governmental enforced socialism—which this is(the poor benefit at the expensive of the rich)—is evil.



08-14-2007 16:40:41 UTC



08-15-2007 14:06:30 UTC