Friday, August 09, 2019

Proposal: Storm the Beaches

Timed out 6 to 0. Enacted by Derrick.

Adminned at 12 Aug 2019 03:08:56 UTC

Add to the rule “Vessels”:

Transports are vessels. Transports are not armed; Transports have an armor value of 2; Transports are cumbersome and have 2 movement points.

Add to the list of valid order in the watch:

* have a transport at a port invade a port it shares a square with
* Add a transport under their control to their home port with a facing of their choice

Add to the rule “Ports”:

If a port is invaded, it changes its allegiance to the side that invaded it the most times that watch. If there is a tie, its allegiance does not change.

This will allow us to change the allegiance of ports.

Transports are super weak on purpose, and don’t count as your one ship allowed.



08-09-2019 16:44:21 UTC

I like it, heh. Multi-purpose, spammable drones. Racing for Port control. Count me in!


08-09-2019 17:22:38 UTC



08-09-2019 17:45:31 UTC

for You don’t need to control a transport to order it to invade?


08-09-2019 18:09:23 UTC


That was not intentional, and a flaw. Abusing seems to be hard though. You can prevent people from leaving transports around a port, and you can invade for someone else while they move their combat vessel. Both of those are subtle, but neither seem to be a giant flaw.

Nice Catch.


08-09-2019 21:41:52 UTC



08-10-2019 16:30:08 UTC



08-11-2019 12:19:14 UTC