Thursday, October 27, 2005

Proposal: Strange Powers

9-1. Timed-Out, Reached Quorum.—Chronos

Adminned at 29 Oct 2005 05:38:36 UTC

Enact a new Rule, “Powers”:-

Each Deity may have any number of Powers, each Power being a combination of a number of components, a number of power-drawing Worship components and universe-changing Might components. (Worship and Might are divided into two types, reflecting their scope - “Global” and “City”.)

A Deity’s Powers should be listed in the Deity Wiki, and should list the components they were made from.

Deities start with no Powers, but may create a new Power by spending 1 Quintessence and constructing a new Power from a combination of the components listed below, and giving it a name of their choice. Each component has a Worship or a Might cost - a constructed power must have at least as much Worship as Might. If a Power uses any Global Might, it must also have at least as much Global Worship. A Power may only contain one instance of each component.

  • Sign: This Power costs 1 Quintessence to use. (+10 Global Worship)
  • Fire: Destroy one of your own Temples. (+8 Global Worship)
  • Mob: Power cannot be used in a City you have no Temples in. (+3 City Worship)
  • Vision: Power can only be used in an empty City. (+5 City Worship)
  • Priest: Power can only be used in a City of your Pantheon. (+5 City Worship)
  • Holy Day: Power cannot be used more than often. (+2 Global Worship)
  • Festival: Power can only be used occasionally. Festivals cannot also be Holy Days. (+5 Global Worship)
  • Inspire: Create one Temple to any Deity in any City. (+10 City Might)
  • Smite: Destroy any Temple. (+10 City Might)
  • Convert: Change the ownership of any Temple to any Deity. (+20 City Might)
  • Radiate: Gain 1 Quintessence. (+10 Global Might)

Repeal Rule 2.5.

Enact a new Rule 2.6.2, “Temples”:-

Each City may house any number of Temples to the Gods; these are tracked in the City Wiki. If a Deity changes its Incarnation, Temples dedicated to its previous Incarnation remain.

Voters on this proposal may list any Components they feel are abusable, along with their vote - if any Component is considered abusable by three or more Deities, it shall be removed from the list when this proposal is enacted.



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10-27-2005 13:48:08 UTC

for Wouldn’t it just be easier to have negitive and positive might?


10-27-2005 13:53:46 UTC

In some ways, but it’d have more drawbacks, I think. You’d need to have negative/positive City Might and Global Might, and explain that you can use Negative Global Might to pay off Positive City Might but not the other way around.

And an action being described as negatively mighty just sounds a bit weird.


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actually, I’m going to change my vote to no, if possible.  Creating a city and then using Vision-Priest-Inspire, it seems you could fill the rest of the world with as many temples you want.  Also, Mob seems to be useless.


10-27-2005 14:42:02 UTC

Vision-Priest-Inspire means that you get a free Temple when you buy a new City; you still have to spend 1 Quint to create a City. (And Vision means that you can only use the Power to create a Temple in an empty City - have I worded that too vaguely?)

Mob-Priest-Holy-Day-Smite seems quite good, as a use for Mob (and I hadn’t designed this, “3” just seemed a good number). And players will be free to propose lots of tinkery little additions to this list, of course - it’s generally a nice thing in Nomic to have lots of small, weak tools lying around, for people to build interestingly elaborate machines out of.

The last paragraph of this proposal gives voters a veto-clause, anyway, if you’d rather vote FOR this proposal but without a couple of the power-components.


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10-27-2005 15:39:03 UTC

It must have just been worded to vaguely.  I was imagining V-I-P allowing you to create an empty city, then from that empty city, creating temples left and right in other (as stated by any) cities.  I’ll vote yes if the wording of this proposal gets much more clear.


10-27-2005 16:00:14 UTC

Rule 1.7 says that Proposals can’t be altered once people have started voting on them (that an evil proposer could change a proposal to read “I propose that I win”), but we can amend this later if people think we need to.

I think it’s fairly indisputable that “Create one Temple to any Deity in any City.” and “Power can only be used in an empty City.” add up to “Create one Temple to any Deity in an empty City.”, though, that the only things that are “in Cities” are Temples - that anyone wilfully misinterpreting this would be knocked back with a quick Call for Judgment.


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10-27-2005 17:55:30 UTC

Would you give an example created power? I’m not sure I understand the Worship/Power balance. Why does fire give less worship if it also costs a temple to use?


10-27-2005 18:16:49 UTC

heh.  the things in section one are now ‘laws’ 1-10 and the other things are ‘rules’.  no need for a 1. or a 2.  (at least, that was the intent).

I don’t really understand what’s going on anymore..


10-27-2005 18:18:22 UTC

And lance: you can change your vote as often as you like.  We only count the most recent one.


10-27-2005 18:25:24 UTC

[Smith] Making “Fire” generate 10 Worship would mean that you could use a simple Fire-Inspire power to move Temples around at will. It seemed slightly more interesting to dent the resale value on a Temple.

An example Power might be Beltane (Priest-Festival-Inspire) for a total of 10 Worship and 10 Might, which adds up to “Power can only be used in a City of your Pantheon. Power can only be used occasionally. Create one Temple to any Deity in any City.”. This would mean that you could create a free Temple in a City belonging your Pantheon, once per day.


10-27-2005 18:26:09 UTC

Sorry, once per day, if it’s “occasionally”. Still not sure I like that jargon.


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Angry Grasshopper:

10-29-2005 06:59:20 UTC

I like the idea. How are Might and Worship defined? Are they defined yet?

Angry Grasshopper:

10-29-2005 07:19:22 UTC

Aha, I think I’ve got it.