Friday, October 15, 2021

Proposal: The Clocktower

Unpopular due to TyGuy6 voting AGAINST. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 16 Oct 2021 17:41:31 UTC

To “The Clock”, add:-

If the effects of a proposal are limited to naming a single Queued Action and any options that it requires, and if that proposal would not make any other changes to the ruleset or gamestate, then that proposal is a Queued Action Proposal. Such a proposal is always Popular, unless either of the following is true:
* The Queued Action is part of a Zone Rule and the proposal’s proposer is not in that Zone.
* A Citizen occupying the same Zone as the proposal’s proposer has a valid vote of AGAINST on the proposal.
When such a proposal is enacted, the effect of its Queued Action is applied with its proposer as the performer.

In “Earthlink”, replace “A Citizen with a Toolbox can spend a Taser or Flashlight to Jerry Rig the Earthlink to set it to Stable or Unstable.”

Jerry Rigging the Accelerator is a Queued Action with options of either Flashlight or Toolbox, and Stable or Unstable; its effect is to remove an instance of the chosen item from the performer if they have it, and then if that item was removed, to set the Earthlink to the option specified.

In “Breaker Access”, remove “If this subrule is not at the bottom of the rule Electricity, any Citizen may move it there at any time.”

Remove everything after the Zone Rule in “Breaker Access”, and add to its Zone Rule:-

Flip: Flipping is a Queued Action with any Floor as its option; its effect is to change the Powered/Unpowered status of that Floor to the opposite.

In “Electrical”, remove “If this rule is not at the bottom of the Dynastic Ruleset, any Citizen may move it there at any time.”

And replace the paragraph beginning “A Citizen who is on an Unpowered floor and has a flashlight” and the bullet list after it with:-

Resetting a Breaker is a Queued Action; its effect is to roll DICE6 and make the performer’s Floor Powered (if the result was an even number and the performer has a Flashlight) or remove a Flashlight from the performer (if the result was a 1 and the performer has a Flashlight).

In “Supply Requisitions”, replace “A Citizen may destroy an item by removing it from their inventory at any time. A Citizen may drop an item by removing it from their inventory and adding it to the contents of the floor they currently occupy. Likewise, a Citizen may pick up an item from the floor they are currently on by removing it from that floor’s contents and adding it to their inventory.” with:-

Passing an Item is a Queued Action, with a named Item and a named Citizen as its options; its effect is to move the named Item from the performer to the named Citizen, if that Item exists and if the named Citizen shares a Floor with the performer.

Discarding an Item is a Queued Action, with a named Item as its option; its effect is to remove the named Item from the performer’s inventory, if it’s there.

Replace the text of “Trading Post” with:-

This Zone has been abandoned, metal shutters drawn down over the glass shopfronts.

If “Organic Lifeform Conservation Procedures Reupload” enacted, replace “A Citizen may destroy a Medical Supplies item from their inventory to remove up to two total Wounds from Citizens in the Infirmary.” with:-

Healing is a Queued Action, with a named Citizen as its option; its effect is to remove a Medical Supplies item from the performer’s inventory, and then (if such an item was removed) all Wounds from the named Citizen if they are in the Infirmary.

The new Breaker Access mechanic that puts the action into an auto-popular proposal seems a good idea, and an improvement on the various at-any-time actions currently scattered around the ruleset. This replaces all of those actions with proposal-speed actions (except the “move this rule to the end” ones, which I think we can just drop given that we’ve already been proposing new rules into specific places).

This also closes the Trading Post, without shuffling the zones around, since it’s already redundant to the dropping and picking up mechanic.


Brendan: he/him

15-10-2021 19:40:04 UTC


Josh: he/they

16-10-2021 07:53:45 UTC



16-10-2021 08:05:15 UTC

against Dynasty just feels too rigid, IMO, if absolutely all timings are proposal-based.

Kevan: he/him

16-10-2021 08:18:39 UTC

[TyGuy6] This was a declared intention of the dynasty, to see what happens if we avoid (as we’ve slipped into here) the common situation where the first person to react to a proposal enacting, by dint of luck or timezone or admin status, can do something before the other players get a chance to react.

As things stand now your AGAINST vote will veto this proposal, as it amends the Infirmary.

Zack: he/him

16-10-2021 14:13:02 UTC

This is basically what I was trying to achieve with Time Only Moves when You Move, so I’m not opposed. How do we feel about adding a provision which allows you to make a QAP if you already have two pending proposals?

Kevan: he/him

16-10-2021 17:41:01 UTC

TyGuy has confirmed that they are aware that their vote vetoes this proposal.