Monday, March 30, 2020

Proposal: The Garbage Pile

Timed out and passed, 6-1. Josh

Adminned at 01 Apr 2020 14:04:39 UTC

The enacting admin must make a Special Auction post, whose items are those Items that were not awarded in the Special Auction and any subsequent auction.

To the Atomic Action described in the rule Auctions, remove the first bullet and add the following as the first steps of the Action:

* Any Item that received no Bids is a Repulsive Item. For each Repulsive Item, double the vlaues of all Impacts, and then add Valuable to the list of Impacts.
* Determining the Winner of each Item in that Auction, as follows:
** A Desirable Item’s Winner is the Nobleman who made the highest bid of Money plus Adjusted Power, which is the Power bid (plus one if the Nobleman created the inspiration which the item was created from) multiplied by the Weighted Power Factor, for it (in the event of a tie, highest Adjusted Power wins; if it is still a tie then the Item has no Winner).
** An Undesirable Item’s Winner is the Nobleman who made the lowest bid of Money plus Adjusted Power for it (in the event of a tie, lowest Adjusted Power wins; if it is still a tie then the tie is resolved in a secretly random manner by the Louis XIV).
** A Repulsive Item’s Winner is a Dissolute Nobleman chosen secretly at random by Louis XIV.

I’ve been treating Items that received no bids as not being awarded, but the ruleset doesn’t actually support that; they should be awarded at random to a Nobleman with a null bid. That seems uninteresting, though, and given the importance of ribbons, potentially quite a significant influencer on eventual victory. I’d rather give them a harsher penalty, a possible benefit, and an incentive for non-dissolute Noblemen to keep them out of the hands of their more free-spending bretheren.


Kevan: he/him

30-03-2020 15:19:54 UTC

against Not sure I like the bit where they halve the Debts of Dissolute Noblemen. Speaking as a non-Dissolute Nobleman.

Josh: he/him

30-03-2020 15:30:35 UTC

How do they halve the debts? The amount that gets reduced is a random number between 0 and the red line, and all of the dissolute Noblemen have, by definition, debt that is larger (in some cases a lot larger) than the red line.

Kevan: he/him

30-03-2020 16:02:13 UTC

Oh, true enough. Somewhere mysterious between an insignificant Debt decrease and having their entire Debt waived, then, depending on the numbers.

pencilgame: he/him

30-03-2020 17:56:31 UTC


Darknight: he/him

30-03-2020 19:30:51 UTC



30-03-2020 19:47:59 UTC


Tantusar: he/they

31-03-2020 00:29:41 UTC


Tantusar: he/they

31-03-2020 00:31:33 UTC

Although I should note that as things stand Repulsive items can’t happen, because all Noblemen have a default Bid of 0 on all Auctions.

Josh: he/him

31-03-2020 08:35:08 UTC

It also has a slightly weird interaction with Undesirable items, where any Undesirable Item that doesn’t get any Bids is handled as a Repulsive Item first.


31-03-2020 22:58:46 UTC