Monday, June 29, 2015

The Legend of Daisuke Serizawa

Title: Oxygen Destroyer
Active Effect: A Kaiju of your choice loses 5 Prestige for each time that this Aspect has been already been activated this Epoch.
Activation Cost: 5
Restrictions: This Aspect is a Technology, and may only be activated as a Colossal Action.



06-29-2015 00:46:22 UTC

So, to be clear, this has no effect on it’s first use, and then an increasing effect on every use after that?

Also, “has been already been” should be “has already been”.


06-29-2015 08:41:40 UTC

Yes and yes.


06-29-2015 19:28:45 UTC

Glad I know the ref for this lol


06-30-2015 12:41:13 UTC

Added to the Ruleset.