Friday, May 20, 2022

Proposal: The Manor

Withdrawn. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 22 May 2022 08:48:28 UTC

In the last parapraph of rule Atlantis, replace:

If a Guardian owns the Deed for a District then that Guardian may be said to be the Baron of that District.


A Guardian is the Baron of a District if they own the Deed for the District, or if they own the only House in the District and no other Guardian owns the Deed.

In rule “The Queue”, replace “each Atlantean who owns a Deed” with “each Baron”.

In rule “Prophecy”, replace the bullet point:

* The effect of Conflict on a District is that any Guardian holding its Deed ceases to hold it


* The effect of Conflict on a District is that any Guardian holding its Deed ceases to hold it. If no Guardian holds the Deed, but there is only one House in the District, this House is destroyed.


Josh: he/they

20-05-2022 09:47:18 UTC

Should this change the way that the Conflict Prophecy impacts?


20-05-2022 09:56:33 UTC

I tried that

Josh: he/they

20-05-2022 10:16:34 UTC

Looks good

Josh: he/they

20-05-2022 14:06:02 UTC


Kevan: he/him

20-05-2022 14:17:29 UTC


Kevan: he/him

20-05-2022 17:27:38 UTC

(That’s just me voting neutrally on a proposal that feels as much gameplay as design, by the way, per my Protective Imperial Style. I like the mechanic.)

Darknight: he/him

21-05-2022 01:29:34 UTC



21-05-2022 08:05:22 UTC

against Unless I’m misunderstanding the rules, this seems like a pretty niche case that will get phased out pretty quickly. Once someone gains the deed for a region where this special case applies (which should be pretty easy; it’s a part of Declaring) then all this extra complexity becomes irrelevant.

Trapdoorspyder: he/him

21-05-2022 13:03:08 UTC


Kevan: he/him

21-05-2022 13:08:12 UTC

[Trigon] Deeds can be lost in Conflicts.

Raven1207: he/they

21-05-2022 19:14:05 UTC



22-05-2022 01:54:03 UTC

against Seconding Trigon’s objection.


22-05-2022 07:40:29 UTC

against Withdrawn