Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Story Post: The Thirteenth Watch

This Watch saw Thunder build himself another transport, while TyGuy6 and Kevan cruised into firing positions.

The thirteenth Watch begins at 17:02pm 3/9/19, and ends 17:02pm 5/9/19; Orders to the Admiral before the end of the Watch.



03-09-2019 20:13:00 UTC

So (A) how/when did pokes go idle, and (B) why did the RO possession skip over Thunder?


03-09-2019 20:37:18 UTC

I idled myself this morning in a comment on Engine Upgrades.


04-09-2019 05:59:11 UTC

It skipped to pokes because when pokes idled, his name was removed from the GNDT and I had to guess where he had been and who was next. My bad - now fixed on the chart (and I’ve let Thunder know the RO’s position).