Monday, June 11, 2012

Proposal: This cannot possibly have any unintended consequences

passes 6-2. DK

Adminned at 13 Jun 2012 20:24:12 UTC

Add the following to the end of the sub-rule entitled Dynastic Travel:

The Time Buddha is considered to Occupy all dynasties simultaneously, and can perform any Time Buddha-specific action, provided that it would not affect their GNDT values, from any Dynasty, at any time. The Time Buddha has a Focus Dynasty, whose ruleset he may use as per the subrule entitled Gamestate Mapping. As a daily action, the Time Buddha may change their Focus Dynasty, which is tracked under “Dynasty” in the GNDT. The Time Buddha may not acquire Chronotohms or unlock Chakras.

Make the subrule entitled “[Dynasty 36]: Time Buddha’s Station” a rule in its own right, rather than a subrule of the Hard Rules.

The emperor-is-not-a-player clause is not consistent across all dynasties; some dynasties require the Emperor to be present in order for their mechanics to work, such as the mutiny mechanic discovered by Purplebeard in 34. Additionally, this allows me to amass GNDT values, which will make me a bit less of a paper tiger in those dynasties where I am expected to pose some level of opposition.



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06-11-2012 10:55:37 UTC

This is likely to put a whole load of obligations on you simultaneously (we’ve had several dynasties where the Emperor has had to update information independently of the players, etc.). And if you do them, you’ll probably end up considered to have done them anyway, which could fast make the gamestate basically impossible to calculate.


06-11-2012 10:59:14 UTC

I can’t think of another way to ensure that those dynasties are playable. There aren’t many dynasties in which the emperor is not, at some level, involved in the victory process.


06-11-2012 16:02:26 UTC

Might be enough to say that all compulsory Buddha actions from earlier Dynasties instead become optional.


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06-12-2012 00:42:04 UTC

against per ais523


06-12-2012 07:28:09 UTC



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against CoV per Ais523 - even if Josh is 100% enthusiastic about performing the Imperial duties of a hundred dynasties, I don’t want the blog spammed with whatever posts it requires him to make.


06-12-2012 08:20:13 UTC

I intend to amend this to make Imperial duties optional, when I have a slot.


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for cov