Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Story Post: Those aren’t Story Posts

Sign me Up, friend Computer, Win by not losing and Insert Queen Reference are not Story Posts, as well as several others he awarded himself UPPITT for, and thus not eligable for UPPITT.  These Code of Conduct enforcements and Flurie’s resulting promotion to ULTRAVIOLET have been reverted.

Furtherthermore I am demoting Flurie to YELLOW clearance due to a pattern of persistent mistakes unbecoming of a BLUE citizen.



08-10-2010 17:03:55 UTC



08-10-2010 17:17:13 UTC

Hmm, would you say that idling/unidling posts are in “a format specified by the rules”? That’s what’s necessary for them to be Story Posts. (You’re almost certainly right about the protosal, by the way.) Would you say that proposals are in “a format specified by the rules”? The rules don’t seem to specify what can be placed in them.

And if proposals aren’t official posts, where does that leave things like the proposal slot limit?