Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thoughts of a serial rule perverter

Just wondering. What is preventing me (Or anybody) from using rule 2.1.1 to make a trade offer with a text like “Roujo is offering 10 Wood and 2 Caffeine, to the commoner Tecslicer, in exchange for 1 Coal” or any such text, then fulfill that trade offer myself and force Roujo to trade with me without his knowledge? The rule says that anybody can make the offer so long as the name of the person making the offer is in the offer.

Just wondering. . .



03-05-2010 00:15:17 UTC

- Reducing the “Offered Resources” of the Commoner who made the “Trade Offer” by the amounts defined in that “Trade Offer”;

You made the trade offer, so you would have to reduce your own ressources before adding them to yourself, as you are also the Commoner that is completing the offer.

Whew. I had a scare here.


03-05-2010 02:43:21 UTC



03-05-2010 14:31:05 UTC

This does mean that you can create misleading trade offers which other players may innocently (and illegally) fulfil. We should be more specific about how trade offers should be structured.


03-06-2010 02:48:10 UTC

I say we pitch it all and steal Roujo’s resources.