Monday, June 01, 2009

Voting Event #2

This is the second Voting Event.

Note that this is possible because Devenger has gone Idle. As per Rule 1.2 Contestants, Devenger does not count as a Contestant for the purposes of Subrule 2.1.3 Voting Events. By this logic, no Contestant has ever become an Outsider, so a new Voting Event may take place.



06-01-2009 05:31:56 UTC

I smell a scam here, given that this is timed to just barely beat ‘Idle Tactics’ through the pipeline.


06-01-2009 16:33:40 UTC

Darth Cliche has become an Outsider; this Voting Event does nothing.


06-01-2009 18:42:44 UTC

If you consider it a “scam” to try to speed the game along, then I guess you were right.

As it is, as soon as Psycho changed his Vote to DC, this post became a moot point.