Monday, September 03, 2007

wheres hix’s part of the city? *edit version*

I just saw that for some reason Hix doesn’t have a spot in the city. Since Oracular has gone idle, Hix should gain control to that sub page.

*edit* my bad. i didn’t see that his named changed. disregard this



09-03-2007 02:06:32 UTC

I used to have a spot in the city, but I changed its name to “Microchip District”.

This reminds me, though—I’m hoping that it will never matter for gameplay purposes which God actually named a city and such.  Especially because of the high-variance random nature of the initialization process.


09-03-2007 02:12:04 UTC

lol k. srry for that Hix. My comp loves to stall so I didn’t spot the change. Tis why when i did my part i left my name there lol.