Tuesday, August 03, 2010

You are a member of one group!

I accuse Citizen Kyre-R-BLN-1 of being a member of the group “The Criminal Underground”.

Just another Trap? Well, unless someone manage to become ORANGE, or a termination fix proposal is enacted, I don‘t care about my Treason Points that much.



08-03-2010 13:48:45 UTC

against The Criminal Underground


08-03-2010 13:49:58 UTC

...and in conclusion there is absolutely no logical reason to accuse anyone other than yourself under the current ruleset.


08-03-2010 13:50:58 UTC

@Kyre: Yes there is; you can get the reward antitreason for accusing them and lose them their group membership, all without losing a group membership yourself.


08-03-2010 14:08:18 UTC

Citizen Kyre-R is a member of The Criminal Underground.

Citizen Keba is awarded nothing, because he was snagged on red tape.

Citizen Kyre-R is somehow caught after the investigation is over, and awarded 4 treason for his troubles. He is also no longer a member of The Criminal Underground.


08-03-2010 14:12:32 UTC

Lilomar, could you explain why my accusation was invalid? If you’re basing it on the line “All subsequent accusation posts made by a Citizen while they have an unresolved accusation will be ignored.” then doesn’t that only refer to the citizen that made the accusation, and not the accused?


08-03-2010 14:18:27 UTC

I was interpreting it to refer to anyone who had an accusation, whether against them or that they made. That is, anyone who was party to an accusation.

I have to go for the day again, so feel free to argue it out and revert my revision, if necessary.


08-03-2010 15:24:38 UTC

Keba should get -5 treason, surely? The accusation was correct when it was made, and that’s what the rules care about.


08-03-2010 15:29:23 UTC

@ais: I disagree, the result of the accusation depends on both whether the accused confirms or denies membership and also if e is actually a member of said group at the time of eir response to the accusation.

Besides, the only way Keba would get the -5 Treason Points would be if I confirmed membership to the group, which I didn’t do.


08-03-2010 15:30:28 UTC

Reversing the Reversion. Ignore previous comments.

Keba-R-BGN-1 has been terminated for being a Commie-Mutant-Traitor.

Everyone welcome Citizen Keba-R-BGN-2, who I am sure will do much better than his predecessor. (Commie-Mutant-Traitor tendencies do not propagate from clone to clone, The Computer says so.)