Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Ascension Address: Zahndorfvania

Child, draw near me before I exhale my final breath, for I have wisdom that I must pass on to you lest this world should slip into ruin.

When our ancestors settled here, millenia ago, this land was a jungle, and it housed unimaginable horrors. They were wise and they were mighty and they chained those horrors deep below the ground. We forgot about the monsters and we forgot about our wisdom but the monsters did not forget about us. They are merely waiting.

The cathedral at the centre of the metropolis of Zahndorf hides the entrance to their grotto. I believe that the monks who service the sepulchre have known about the evil beneath their feet and have been in communion with it. I believe that through this portal the corruption of the city has begun.

Child - my Richardo, last child of the great von Nestor family - you are young but soon you will be an adult. It falls to you to enter the crypt and slay the great demon who lives in its centre. Here, take from my faltering hands the whip that bears our family crest and the shield with the device of brilliant sunlight. Look upon it when you are in the dark places closest to evil and you will know that you are not lost.

Throughout the ruleset, change the term “Broker” to “Vampire Lord” and the term “Collector” to “Richardo von Nestor”. Change the Dynastic Tracking page to [[Dracula’s Layer]] and set the rule The Traitor to inactive.


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