Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Zauper hasn’t commented in a week and therefore idles

Quorum is still 14.

Edit: He doesn’t actually idle now - it’ll be in a few hours.



03-03-2010 17:12:06 UTC

booo no idle for me!


03-03-2010 17:13:52 UTC

Dammit Zauper, just idle if you’re not going to do anything.


03-03-2010 18:07:53 UTC

zauper: Please respect Rule 1.10 titled “1.10 Fair Play”, thanks. If you dont want to play blognomic, that will be ok. There are 6 billion people out there, who do not play blognomic ;)


03-03-2010 18:19:02 UTC

I am going to participate.  I did scavenge last week, and will start voting on the proposals shortly.


03-03-2010 18:29:05 UTC

Ah I see, you did some GNDT actions. Im sorry.


03-03-2010 18:33:14 UTC

Yeah, it’s ultimately my fault—I thought the game wasn’t going to resume until after it would have ended through the lineage (morning of the 1st), and so it wasn’t until i got home from driving at around 11 pm that I discovered it was up and running and I’ve been occupied with work the last two days.  :/


03-03-2010 18:38:13 UTC

@Keba: I found two more that are not playing BN, so there are 6 billion +.


03-04-2010 09:43:53 UTC

@ tecslicer: 6 billion + 2 = 6 billion and 2