Thursday, January 25, 2018

Proposal: 2.0 version New And Improved!

self-killed failed by card

Adminned at 27 Jan 2018 05:51:10 UTC

Remove “A Resident’s Priority is a non-integer number equal to their Alertness plus one hundredth of their Health.”

Add the following to Stats

Each Resident has a Priority, which is a rational number that can be 0 or larger, tracked in the GNDT equal to their Alertness minus their Hangover plus one hundredth of their Health.

For each instance of “X Hangover” in the ruleset where X is an integer, halve that number.

Change “Each Resident has a Hangover Level (or “Hangover”), which is an integer that can be negative, tracked in the GNDT in the Alertness column after the alertness stat separated with a minus symbol, and defaulting to 0.”

Change “As a Craction which can only be taken in the same atomic action as removing the last item from a Crate, a Resident may add a Fibreboard item to their hands slot.” to

The Resident which causes the Crate to be eligible to be discarded can do the following as a Craction: discard the crate and then add a Fibreboard to an empty hands slots of each Resident with the same priority as them.

If “Don’t Swallow The Cap” has not passed do the following:
Change “If a stat in this rule (ignoring Bonuses) would be increased above ten, it instead becomes ten.” to

If a stat in this rule (ignoring Bonuses and besides Priority) would be increased above ten, it instead becomes ten.



01-25-2018 19:01:12 UTC

Damn, you said that it was a real number. Why didn’t I think of adding a complex component to alertnesses, bringing in the entire debate of whether i is bigger than 1 or whatever.

Should you not include a section for if DSTCap passes? e.g editing the rule, which would include alertness, to include priority also.


01-25-2018 19:19:47 UTC

Real number => Integer, pls. I don’t know if everyone is familiar with that kind of math, and I frankly don’t want to end up in the situation where I have to argue with those who secretly actually don’t know.


01-25-2018 19:21:50 UTC

I’m not sure how you’d get i by itself, maybe the first step would be through adding i^2. Even then I think people could just simplify it.

DSTC restricts the 10 cap clause to only Health and Alertness so if it passes Priority won’t have the cap. If it doesn’t and someone had Alertness 10 and Health 10 they’d have 10.1 priority but would be capped at 10. That’s why I have that if-then clause.

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-25-2018 19:23:07 UTC

“the Resident with the lowest non-zero priority” will include Sleeping Residents. (Derrick’s is 0.08.)

Still not really convinced by the Priority calculation, even if it’s tracked - if it’s difficult for players to see at a glance what effect something (eg. Pills) will have on Priority, it’s difficult to play the game. I quite like the theme of Pills and Energy Drinks taking a while to kick in - is that the main thing you’re going for here? - but I also like that the current Priority system is more or less as simple as reading two columns as if they were a two-digit number.


01-25-2018 19:27:42 UTC

Real numbers are any number that can be shown on a number line or represented with decimals, which excludes complex/imaginary numbers. We’re only handling adding numbers ranging from 10 to 0.01, there’s nothing in the rules that lets you add in the square root of 2 or something.

Priority is currently defined as a “non-integer number” so it might be possible to change it into a complex number; this change prevents that.


01-25-2018 19:30:40 UTC

I’m just wary of missing a future slip/scam with “add any number” or “add a number” or something.

Anyways, it’s rational numbers we’re looking for here I believe.


01-25-2018 19:33:48 UTC

[Kevan] is that better? It’s two columns; the Hangover stats need some readjusting though.

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-25-2018 19:39:40 UTC

Wouldn’t “the Resident with the lowest priority and non-zero alertness” be nobody, right now? I think we need something like “a Resident whose Priority is equal to or lower than that of every other non-Sleeping Resident”.

I’m not sure if it’s working as intended that the first of two lowest-Priority Residents would get to throw the Crate away before the second can pick something.


01-25-2018 19:43:46 UTC

i can also see some room for malicious crate discarding if all the items are randomly good and the first person there out of the lowest priority people decides to discard the crate - i guess it would be self-sabotage too


01-25-2018 19:52:13 UTC

I tried something else, since the rules already make some (arguably) gamestate changes based on the criteria we are looking for.

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-26-2018 09:18:42 UTC

imperial Fibreboard fix is a good one. Less convinced by the need to roll Hangovers into Priority, I think it still makes things like Pills and Energy Drinks too unintuitive to use. (Pills will actually send you to sleep for the next three Crates, under the final wording here?)


01-26-2018 15:02:56 UTC

The Hangover thing is a bit too extreme. But if the Fibreboard is a rider in another proposal I don’t mind it passing. against


01-26-2018 16:23:47 UTC

hmmmmmmmm i like it but hangover numbers are too large still for alertness to have much of an effect.



01-27-2018 04:52:30 UTC

I suggest s/k to not hold up queue and get a fresh slot.


01-27-2018 04:53:43 UTC

nvm, 48hs come soon, I’m a derp


01-27-2018 05:42:22 UTC