Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Proposal: A Controlling Majority

Reaches quorum 11-0 and is enacted. -coppro

Adminned at 18 Aug 2010 15:23:47 UTC

Amend “Mini Planet Expresses” to read

Corporations are groups of one to three Earthlings. Each Earthling can be a member of no more than one Corporation at a time.

Corporations are tracked on the wiki on the page named Corporations. For each Corporation, the page must detail the name of the Corporation, the Earthlings who comprise it, the Leader(s), their Skills, its Trade, and a brief description of what services the Corporation provides. It is the responsibility of each Earthling to ensure that the information thus stored for their Corporation is accurate and up-to-date. Each Earthling’s Corporation is also tracked in the GNDT.

When a Corporation is disbanded, it ceases to be a Corporation and all its members become members of no Corporation.

Enact a new subrule to “Mini Planet Expresses” entitled “Make and Break” reading

Any Earthling not in a Corporation may form a Corporation by making a post to the blog with “[Corporation] NAME” as its title, where NAME is the name of the corporation and is different from all previous Corporations. The post shall describe the services that the Corporation provides, as well as a listing Earthlings permitted to join it. The forming Earthling is the first member of the new Corporation.

Any Earthling can join a Corporation (if permitted and if the corporation has less than three members) or leave a Corporation by posting a comment to that effect to the Corporation’s post. If this causes a Corporation’s membership to be empty, it is disbanded.

Enact a new subrule to “Mini Planet Expresses” entitled “The Newspaper Route” reading

The Trade of a Corporation may be None, Delivery, Production, Research or Exploration, and defaults to “None”. Certain Trades have Skill requirements, as listed below:-

  * A Delivery Corporation must have one non-Drunk member with the Piloting Skill, and one member with the Accountancy Skill.
  * A Production Corporation must have one member with the Bending Skill, and one member with the Accountancy Skill.
  * A Research Corporation must have one member with the Science Skill, and one member with the Accountancy Skill.
  * An Exploration Corporation must have one non-Drunk member with the Piloting Skill, and one member with the Science Skill.

If a Corporation does not meet the criteria for its Trade, any Earthling may change its Trade to “None”.

Enact a new subrule to “Mini Planet Expresses” entitled “An 80s Guy” reading

The Earthling or Earthlings with the highest level in Leadership in a Corporation are that Corporation(s) Leaders. The Leader(s) of a Corporation can, in a comment to that Corporation’s post:
* Post a new listing of Earthlings permitted to join as a comment to that Corporation’s post; the new listing supersedes the old one.
* Change the Trade or description of services of the Corporation, as long as it continues to meet any requirements set out in other rules.
* Eject another Earthling, other than a Leader, from the Corporation.
* Disband the Corporation.

News, anyone! I’m playing the game I invented earlier with someone I don’t know!

Who are you, anyway?

“I’m Scruffy, the janitor.”



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Enough about your promiscuous mother, Hermes! We have bigger problems.


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against Most of it is very sensible, but I think some form of corp tracking is still desirable. Forcing people to dredge up old Corp announcement posts to leave their corporations seems like an unnecessary burden, especially as it means that corporations can effectively be disbanded by stealth. Not sure that’s a huge deal yet but it seems like it creates a hollow space for perverse incentives to grow in.


08-18-2010 07:01:58 UTC

I intend to keep a sticky with links to all active corporations.


08-18-2010 08:34:15 UTC

I think disbanding by stealth is okay, given that the GNDT would have to be updated, so anyone who’d been sacked would notice if they were about to perform some action based on their Corporation. Linking to the Corporation posts from the wiki might be better than a thunking great stick post - non-admin players wouldn’t be able to add their Corporation to a sticky post.



08-18-2010 08:58:02 UTC

I suppose we don’t need the ruleset’s say-so to keep a wiki page updated. I’d rather it was a player-responsibility rather than an emperor-responsibility though.

CoV imperial


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Corporations are still also tracked on the wiki as a quick reference; the thread is for actions.

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