Monday, November 06, 2017

Proposal: Affinity incentive (adapted)

self killed failed by card

Adminned at 07 Nov 2017 15:16:19 UTC


As a weekly communal action, a Tesserer may add 5 power to each Tesserer.


Every Monday at 01:00 AM of each week, each Tesserer whose affinity is not “none” gains 5 power.



11-06-2017 22:01:51 UTC


Ah. My other proposal bugged out apparently lol.


11-06-2017 22:35:55 UTC

against I think it works mechanically better for automatic gamestate changes to instead explicitly require having a person do the changing.


11-06-2017 22:54:47 UTC

Ok I agree, I’ll kill this so I can revive my other proposal :P


11-06-2017 23:01:24 UTC

(:VETO: is only meaningful from the Master; against would be a self-kill.)


11-06-2017 23:02:03 UTC

oh huh, the big NOT button makes a veto and not an imperial


11-06-2017 23:03:09 UTC

ok I’m digging an even bigger well of confusion here, the big NOT symbol is indeed VETO and the deferential is IMPERIAL, but the VETO before didn’t turn into it because of the ( hanging out by it, I guess.


11-06-2017 23:05:30 UTC

Ok thanks


11-06-2017 23:09:27 UTC

Another question before I make another mistake: once this proposal is failed by an admin, can I repost the proposal that was rendered illegal because of the 2 pending proposals rule, or do I have to wait a day (because technically I posted 3 proposals which is the daily limit). ?


11-06-2017 23:17:12 UTC

I’d interpret the third one you posted as “not a proposal” since it didn’t meet the criteria (not having 2 active) to be one. That would make the reposted one okay since you’ve only posted 2 actual proposals. I also don’t think that would run afoul of the spirit of the limit. Someone could always CfJ if they think it’s not okay, but I’d bet nobody would, and if they did it wouldn’t successfully make your repost illegal.

Even if not, the next Blognomic day is only 45 minutes away.


11-06-2017 23:19:53 UTC

Ah, I also accidentally adminned this early (and then unadminned it) - the proposal before it in the queue needs to pass or fail first, before this one can be failed.