Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alright, out with it

Who’s been advertising BlogNomic? We’ve gotten at least 5 new players today. Not that there’s anything with new players, but with this many there has to be an advertisement or something.



03-14-2009 22:01:43 UTC

Well, I invited one of them, but as for the rest I guess we can just assume this Dynasty is so awesome that all the lurkers are joining at once.

- Devenger, Officer of completely not biased logic


03-14-2009 22:05:42 UTC

I’ve been viewing this for a while on during Amnistar’s dynasty, so I joined now since it’s a new dynasty and the other one seemed too complex/seemed to be ending.


03-14-2009 22:05:52 UTC

Eh, there was an explosion like this around the time I joined.


03-15-2009 00:10:39 UTC

A mailshot goes out to the Ascension Alert mailing list whenever a new dynasty begins; it’s picked up seventy-odd subscribers over the year.

I did recruit Gill Smoke from Dvorak, though, when I saw that a new dynasty was on its way.


03-15-2009 04:04:47 UTC

Look up nomic on wikipedia. We got a link up on that page


03-15-2009 04:06:18 UTC

Jupiter, you wouldn’t happen to play Kevan’s zombie game ( would ya?


03-15-2009 16:22:48 UTC

I mention BlogNomic on the nomic discussion channel on freenode (irc:// every now and then, but it’s unlikely to have made a difference; none of the regulars there seem to have joined here recently, and in fact most actually joined blognomic ages ago and have since idled.


03-17-2009 22:19:53 UTC

I have tried it before, but ended up quitting. Or rather falling inactive.


03-17-2009 22:24:09 UTC


Can’t blame ya lol. Too in favor of humans right now, no offence Kev. I think people on there are ready for an update lol.