Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Amemdment XXI

Repeal The second part of the proposal “The Properties of the Tesseract” by removing the following text from the rule Tessering:

Anytime a Tesserer publishes a Story Post which is not a Combo, they may, in the title, put the following tag: [Tessered X], where X is a number less than or equal to their power. Any actions described in such a post will not be performed: instead, the text of the post will be added to a named “Tessers” of a Wiki page named “The Tesseract”. After X days have passed the action(s) must be performed, and the text removed form the wiki page. If the actions are not performed within 48 hours after X days have passed, the Instability of the Tesseract increases by X. A Tesserer may only have two such posts at a time.

I thought that this was gonna be a good rule, but I don’t think it’ll lead to anything.



11-08-2017 00:40:37 UTC



11-08-2017 09:43:59 UTC



11-08-2017 10:49:08 UTC



11-08-2017 10:50:49 UTC

Shouldn’t this be a proposal ? (I didn’t see this at first since it doesn’t appear on the sidebar)


11-08-2017 10:54:59 UTC

(I like this rule, I just think we need to add reasons to use it)