Friday, September 30, 2011

Proposal: An Exhibition of Yourself

8-1 = quorum = enactment + coppro

Adminned at 30 Sep 2011 18:15:25 UTC

In the rule “Critical Acclaim”, replace “An Artist may add 1 to their Acclaim for every arrow icon present in a comment by another Artist on one of their posts.” with:-

As a weekly Action, an Artist may Exhibit a Work of Art that they posted themselves during the previous seven days, and which has not already been Exhibited. Upon Exhibiting a Work of Art, the Artist:-

  • Gains 1 Acclaim if three or more Artists have expressed Approval of the Work.
  • Gains Acclaim bonuses from any Open Zeitgeist Criteria which apply to the Work.

If an Artist has not made a new proposal for five or more days then, provided that no other Artist has done so in the preceding 3 days, any other Artist may reduce their Acclaim by 5, to a minimum of zero.

Remove “If an Artist makes a post that satisfies an Open Zeitgeist Criterion then they may, within 24 hours of making the post, claim the stated reward in Acclaim for doing so.” from the ruleset.

Reduce the Acclaim of all Artists to zero.

Merging the Zeitgeist and Acclaim bonuses, and fixing some of the problems with the original rule (that you can gain infinite Acclaim by invoking “may add 1 to their Acclaim” again and again; that you can spam the blog with Zeitgeist-fitting posts to get as many Zeitgeist Criteria bonuses as you wish).

Also resetting everyone’s Acclaim to zero, since it’s trivial to generate infinite Acclaim under the original wording, and - if this proposal passes - it’d be unfair to give any advantage to the players who happen to be online between the original proposal passing and this one fixing its loopholes.


Josh: HE/HIM

09-30-2011 15:12:15 UTC



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09-30-2011 15:22:02 UTC

for Good work - perfect flavour and looks interestingly strategic.


09-30-2011 15:58:12 UTC

for To the residents of ##nomic on Freenode, I told you that Kevan would spot both loopholes even if nobody pointed them out to him. Do I win some sort of prize for that?


09-30-2011 16:43:46 UTC

against weekly will slow the dynasty too much when you only get to satisfy one zeitgeist per week.

Kevan: HE/HIM

09-30-2011 17:01:03 UTC

[coppro] “any Open Zeitgeist Criteria” is plural - if your selected Work of Art satisfies all six, you claim the bonus for all six.

Prince Anduril:

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09-30-2011 17:15:11 UTC

@coppro - Although I did feel the previous Dynasty had a pace of play that was too fast. Someone not logging in for even a single day was game changing due to the number of Daily Actions. I’d like to avoid that this time if possible and have the play be more about Proposals and voting than action spamming!


09-30-2011 18:14:03 UTC