Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And now it’s EVEN EASIER!!!

I have made some modifications to the original Sparrowscript by Sparrow. The new version still has all the original functionality; it also counts votes on individual post pages and displays the count above the post. It automatically detects vetoes and self-kills and notes them along with the vote; it also handles the proposer’s implied FOR vote. As a user script, it requires Greasemonkey on Firefox to run; Opera may run it as well, as apparently it is GM-aware. The new version is here.



12-31-2009 05:50:42 UTC

Now, is that vote counting thing in the “For, AGA, DIF” Format, or the “biggest-number-first” format?


12-31-2009 07:02:55 UTC

For-aga-def. If the Djinn voted and caused DEFs to be for or aga, then it show For-Aga (For-Aga-Def), the former being the adjusted counts and the latter being the original.


12-31-2009 18:04:51 UTC

How do I get rid of the line of zeros at the top of the front page?


12-31-2009 19:30:10 UTC

That’s the number of new comments on all the posts; it’s from the original version. If you want to get rid of it, then open the ‘Manage user scripts’ dialog from Greasemonkey, select the ‘Blognomic: Track New Comments’ script, press ‘Edit Script’, and comment out (prepend a ‘//’ without quotes) both lines that begin “$(’#header’).append”.

By the way, there’s now a new version that colors the vote count green/red if the proposal can be immediately passed/failed (quorum of for/against votes, or s/k or veto).


12-31-2009 20:20:22 UTC

I know what it is, but as more posts get posted, won’t that cause a huge wall of zeroes?


12-31-2009 23:08:08 UTC

It only uses the posts on the front page.