Friday, January 16, 2009

Announcing My Arrival

So, hi.  My name is Clint, and I read about Nomics approximately, uh, three years ago?  I never really took the time to find any though.  Anyway, I stumbled across it again on Wikipedia a few days ago and found this through a quick google search.  I’ve been reading the rules on and off and trying to figure out what the heck is going on, but I figured I’d get my feet wet and register. 

So here I am!  I’ll try not to mess anything up too bad.



01-16-2009 00:27:56 UTC

I’m setting your access up.


01-16-2009 00:31:10 UTC

You are in.  Sending GNDT password.


01-16-2009 00:32:49 UTC



01-16-2009 00:34:07 UTC

Welcome to our nomic. You got here right at the start of a new round or dynasty as we call em so the rules are still easy to follow lol. Enjoy the game and the colorful band of new friends you’ll make here.  Ignore Rodlen’s attempts to abuse his admin powers in minor ways, like he just did with this comment.