Monday, March 29, 2010

Proposal: Blueprint: We need a victory condition

Reaches quorum, 8-0. Josh

Adminned at 30 Mar 2010 11:56:33 UTC

Add a new subrule “Billboard” to rule 2.2 “Inventions”:

Cost: 5 Quicksilver, 2 Cogs Power Requirement: 20
Inventions containing a Billboard do not count towards the 3-Invention limit.

Each Invention containing a Billboard is either placed in no County (the default), or placed in a specific County. At will, a Commoner can place an Invention he owns that contains a Billboard in the county he currently is currently located in; and as a weekly action, a Commoner can cause an Invention containing a Billboard owned by any Commoner, that is placed in the County he is currently located in, to be placed in no County. The County in which an Invention is placed is tracked on the [[Inventions]] wiki page.

If a Loyalist Commoner owns N Inventions containing Billboards (where N is 8 minus the number of occurrences of 12pm UTC on Thursday that have elapsed since this subrule was enacted), each of which is in a different County that is not Occupied, he may achieve victory; likewise for a Sympathiser Commoner and different counties that are Occupied.

How do you establish yourself as a viable option to rule the country over the Mad Prince or Demented Baron? Why, advertising of course! This starts hard, but gets easier over time, and after eight weeks anyone will be able to declare victory.



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03-29-2010 20:52:37 UTC

Meh. I’d def but this is an imperial proposal.


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03-30-2010 15:44:49 UTC

I don’t particularly want to win this dynasty anyway, so I don’t care what the victory condition is, so for


03-30-2010 18:44:41 UTC

imperialand therefore for, but I’m apathetic. I’d have preferred to see some kind of massive, multi-part Invention we had to race to construct in an attempt to outdo the Mad Prince’s creations.