Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Story Post: Chicken: The Results

The random cutoff time I selected for the first challenge was: Tue May 26 09:59:54 UTC 2009

Psychotipath, Bucky, Qwazukee, delta, Kevan, yuri_dragon_17, Oze, Darth Cliche, Darknight, Rodlen, arthexis, Yoda, and SingularByte Succeed at this challenge; all other contestants Fail.
SingularByte is the Challenge Champion, chickening out less than an hour before the cutoff time.

However, there is a twist. 13 Contestants succeeded; the other 9 failed. And for each challenge failure from now on, we’re going to remove $10,000 from the prize fund.

Therefore: The Prize Fund now stands at $910,001.

The successful Contestants may now enter the Reward Room.


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