Friday, December 17, 2010

Proposal: Consistency is not a bad thing

Illegal: Proposals cannot be made during haitus (i.e. while there is a pending DoV on the table). Josh

Adminned at 17 Dec 2010 04:05:03 UTC

Change the text of Rule 1.6 Calls for Judgement to

If two or more Divinities actively disagree as to the interpretation of the Core Rules of the Ruleset, or if a Divinity feels that an aspect of the game needs urgent attention, then any Divinity may raise a Call for Judgment (abbreviated CfJ) by posting an entry in the “Call for Judgment” category. The post shall go on to describe the issue, and measures that shall be taken to resolve it.

All Divinities may cast Votes on that CfJ to indicate agreement or disagreement with the position taken in that CfJ. Unfailed CfJs continue until they reach a Quorum of FOR Votes, a Quorum of AGAINST Votes, or if there is no hiatus going on, until four days have passed since they were posted, and if there is a hiatus going on until two days have passed since they were posted. After this time, if more than half the cast Votes are FOR Votes, the CfJ may be enacted by any Admin by updating or correcting the Gamestate and Core Rules in the Ruleset as specified. Otherwise, the CfJ fails. A Failed CfJ has no further effect.

Any CfJ that has no effect on the Core Rules of the Ruleset or gamestate may be automatically failed by any admin.

Remove “Ruleset” and insert “Core Rules of the Ruleset” to prevent CfJs from changing ongoing game rules.


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