Saturday, March 18, 2006

Proposal: Control your destiny

12-0, timed out. -Elias IX

Adminned at 21 Mar 2006 13:53:58 UTC

Add the following to the end of the Rule “Architecture”:

There are two Elevators which can move to various Floors of the Building, the locations of which are tracked in the GNDT as Elevator1 and Elevator2.

The two Elevators shall never be on relatively prime Floors, which means that at any time, the greatest common divisor of the ElevatorsFloors shall be greater than 1.

The two Elevators shall never be on any floor below the 20th Floor.

(For example, if Elevator1 is on 20, Elevator2 may only be on 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, or 20.)

For every enacted Proposal that a Gostak has authored, e may once change the location of either Elevator to eir location within 24 hours of the enactment. When e does this, the Elevators shall still follow the restrictions set earlier in this rule.

Add the following to the end of the Rule “Movement”:

*Often, any Gostak may take an Elevator to move to another floor if e is on the same floor as that Elevator. Taking an Elevator moves both the Gostak and Elevator to the target Floor and increases the Gostak‘s stigma by 1.

Add the following to the line in the Rule “The Building” that starts “2nd Floor - Senior Management”:

Unless the Gostak is the Avzur of the DPG e belongs to or has at least one Cheese, any Gostak on this floor may only use consonants in eir Proposals.

Add the following to the line in the Rule “The Building” that starts “3rd Floor - Human Resources”:

Unless the Gostak is the Daleph of the DPG e belongs to, any Gostak on this floor may not perform any action that increases eir Stigma.

Create two non-player rows of the GNDT, Elevator1 and Elevator2.

Set the YouAreHere of Elevator1 and Elevator 2 to “20th Floor - Lobby”



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03-18-2006 15:26:15 UTC

for Beautiful.


03-18-2006 17:46:54 UTC



03-18-2006 19:05:03 UTC

for hm, ok. I still liked the reverse limitation on elevators: they must move to relatively prime floors. This way seems to lock out the higher prime floors completely (11,17,19).

Elias IX:

03-18-2006 20:04:13 UTC

17 and 19 can still be reached by first taking to 16, then escalator your way down.


03-18-2006 20:34:25 UTC



03-18-2006 20:51:17 UTC



03-19-2006 00:07:33 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

03-19-2006 04:23:45 UTC




03-19-2006 04:56:17 UTC

still for but with cheese on top.


03-19-2006 20:40:27 UTC

and cheese


03-20-2006 04:14:51 UTC

for Quazie, if you want your cheese to be counted, you have to do it in a counted voting comment.


03-20-2006 04:49:09 UTC

for cheese, happy now?


03-20-2006 04:59:10 UTC

I will be as soon as like 4 more people vote FOR with Cheese. Also, my comment was not just to rebuke you, but also to vote FOR with Cheese myself, as the word is in there.


03-20-2006 05:29:24 UTC

for cheese


03-21-2006 10:07:20 UTC

for cheese?