Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Proposal: Cooperation

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Under “Codices” add the text

This footnote is considered by scholars to come from the Octocodex written by O. Sedecim, Second Corner. This is one of the few remaining fragments after O. Sedecim accidentally traveled through Interim.

Any person trained, even a first day Tesser, can perform Face Action by either cooperating with a Tesser that has a different Affinity than they (shards can replace both Tessers, allowing a Tesser to activate Face Actions which they don’t share an Affinity with) and spending power equal to the number of Affinities they don’t have; in case two Tessers perform a Face Action they both pay this cost.


derrick: HE/HIM

11-07-2017 17:33:23 UTC

I’m note sure if this does anything or not…


11-07-2017 21:25:20 UTC

The point I don’t understand is “spending power equal to the number of Affinities they don’t have”.


11-07-2017 21:28:52 UTC

Does it mean: If a Water Tesser and a Fire Tesser want to perform a Carving action (Water/Void), then they pay 1 power because they are missing the Void affinity ?


11-07-2017 22:05:27 UTC

Its unclear whether Orthocodex is flavor text or binding ruletext.


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