Friday, November 24, 2017

Proposal: Crafts v2

reached popularity 3-0 enacted by card

Adminned at 25 Nov 2017 17:46:11 UTC

Add a new subrule called “Crafts” within “Spells” with:

If the Tesseract’s Orientation is that of your Affinity, you make a Craft by paying the appropriate shard cost in brackets as listed here according to the usual Spell shard cost nomenclature. A Tesserer can hold 1 Craft per 10 Power they have. The Crafts a Tesserer has is noted in the GNDT in its own column titled “Crafts”. Crafts, the ability you gain for having them and their shard cost are the following:

[FW] Alcohol: The Tesserer who has this item can GET WASTED and optionally brag about how they don’t remember what happened last night. They lose all of their Shards and their Power becomes 5.
[VN] Pesticide: A Tesserer with this item cannot have Nature Shards but each time they make a Void shard, they may roll a 1d3. If they roll a 1 with that, they gain another Void shard.

Same but with stuff removed.



11-25-2017 05:40:43 UTC

for I guess alcohol is useful if you have 0 power.


11-25-2017 15:25:38 UTC



11-25-2017 15:26:45 UTC

card: wouldn’t work since you can’t hold the alcohol craft with 0 power.


11-25-2017 15:29:46 UTC

(which is a good thing or else you could use Alcohol repeatedly to spend infinite power)


11-25-2017 17:44:20 UTC

did someone mess with the sidebar?