Thursday, January 04, 2018

Cuddle skips victory

Method Summary: Proposal -> changed category into DoV via Alteration -> DoV’s Pending status changed to Enacted via Alteration, all done really quickly.

The Ruleset and Gamestate can only be altered in manners specified by the Ruleset.

An official post may be altered by its author if it is less than six hours old and either no Failed Experiment has commented on it or (if it is a Votable Matter) if all comments on it contain no voting icons; otherwise this can only be done as allowed by the Ruleset.

Alter means to change in plain english, to make an alteration (whichever it may be).

The plain use aside, it is also heavily implied that it is in fact a generic, “anything”, change, by necessity in the first quote (doesn’t work for all circumstances of the game otherwise), and by implication in the second one (mentions that the category can’t be changed, when category-changing doesn’t exist as an explicit ability players have - unless we consider that “may be altered” grants it, in which case, it must be a generic “anything” change.)

So, during that time-frame where I can “alter” an official post, I can do anything with it. I also did it all under 15 minutes, because otherwise the category-changing restriction kicks in.

As for actually accessing the formal data to use these Alteration powers upon, I used the Orphanage (most notably, the Pending/Enacted status are tracked on blog posts, but the Orphanage lets me bypass that).

For gamestate which is tracked in a specific place (such as the GNDT or a wiki page), any alteration of that gamestate as a result of a Failed Experiment’s action is (and can only be) applied by editing that data in that place.

An Orphan Variable is a gamestate variable which, if it weren’t for this rule, wouldn’t be tracked on neither a wiki page nor the GNDT. A Orphanage wiki page exists, which tracks Orphan Variables, and when an Orphan Variable’s value is changed, its is recommended to be performed along a blog post which states that it has been changed.

There is also no Hiatus, because I do not believe I have achieved victory (and I’m not using the clause in “Victory and Ascension” create the DoV anyways).

Proposals have been sitting there for days, nothing is happening, so I decide to pull a scam to claim a dynasty without needing to achieve victory.



04-01-2018 08:43:15 UTC

“Proposal -> changed category into DoV via Alteration -> DoV’s Pending status changed to Enacted”
Then why isn’t your DoV enacted? It’s status is still pending.


04-01-2018 13:22:06 UTC

You believe the word “altering” allows you to enact a post, but I disagree. Altering a post refers to its title, content and, yes, its category, so indeed you can post a DoV by skipping the initial clause, but the Enacted, Pended or Failed status of a post is not something I believe is included in the notion of “altering” a post, but constitutes a separate action involving modification of the gamestate AS A CONSEQUENCE of a post and its votes.


04-01-2018 17:51:35 UTC

@card: It’s Enacted because it’s status is tracked at the Orphanage, because its a variable that isn’t tracked on the wiki nor the GNDT.

@Diabecko: It seems ideal for it to be so, but it doesn’t say that anywhere. The category of an official post is gamestate too, what makes its status any different from that.


04-01-2018 18:04:58 UTC

Yes I agree the category is gamestate, and also the enacted state. What I don’t agree is that enacting a post could be considered a possibility of the action of “altering” a post (since it is that action you are using to enact your victory).


04-01-2018 18:10:02 UTC

Or to say things otherwise: just because something is gamestate does not give you the right to change it, in the same way that just because an action exists does not mean you are allowed to perform it. You have found a loophole that allows you to alter your post how you want it, fine, but I’m saying altering a post does not include enacting the post. Enacting is a different action, of which you do not have the rights per the ruleset.


04-01-2018 18:53:38 UTC

It’s status is the expression engine representation otherwise the ruleset would have a similar clause to the gndt’s “the gamestate variable tracked by the GNDT can be different than what the GNDT says.”